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Due to decreased funding by the provincial government, changes have been made to how materials are moved between libraries via interlibrary loan. Therefore, Kitchener Public Library has set new guidelines for the delivery of interlibrary loan service.

These changes were developed so that interlibrary loan service can continue to be offered at KPL. It is important to foster cooperation and sharing between public libraries in Ontario, and to make access to materials outside of Kitchener a priority for our customers. 

Interlibrary Loan Service Guidelines

The following changes to our service are effective July 2, 2019:

  1. Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service the library provides free of charge to the customer. If an item requested through ILL is not picked up for any reason, a charge $5 per NPU (not picked up item) will be applied.
  2. Consistent with all other items on hold, one automated notice of ILL items ready for pickup will be sent.
  3. Customers may request the same title through ILL more than once, with the following parameter: a waiting period of 3 months between requests.
  4. Books with a publication date of 2 years and older are eligible for ILL.
  5. Books and microfilm are eligible for ILL. The following formats will not be eligible for ILL: audiovisual materials, book club sets, mass market paperbacks, and textbooks.
  6. A customer may have a maximum of 2 ILL requests at a time.
  7. ILL searching and requesting is limited to public libraries within the province of Ontario.
  8. Customers can get a free library card from Universities and colleges in the area:(Waterloo, Laurier and Conestoga).
  9. Reciprocal Borrowing allows for customers living within the Regional Municipality of Waterloo to have free library cards at all public libraries within the Region. Customers are encouraged to go directly to Waterloo Public Library, Idea Exchange and Region of Waterloo Libraries for materials available at those locations.
  10. KPL will not pass on any charges from borrowing libraries to our customers.
  11. When possible, if the title is available in an alternate format (e.g. e-book) the customer will be offered that option, rather than an ILL. Accessibility needs, and formats preferred by the customer, will be taken into consideration.
  12. July - December 2019 is a trial period, to be followed by a review of practices, shipping costs and staff time. The review will determine if and how we continue to provide ILL service in 2020.

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