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Health & Wellness

We can help you find current, reliable health information in our health databases, website, and catalogue. For interpretation, diagnosis or medical advice, contact a trusted health care professional.

Research and Reference

Health and Wellness Resource Center

Health and wellness information from medical journals, general interest titles and other sources such as medical encyclopedias and pamphlets.

Health Reference Center

Health information for professionals, students and the general public including nursing, allied health and medical journals, magazines, pamphlets, and reference books.

Merck Manuals

Information on medical topics, symptoms, drugs, procedures, news and more, for both consumers and health care professionals.

On the Web

About Kids Health
Trusted answers from the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children.

Community Mental Health Resources (pdf)
A listing of mental health resources and related services in the city of Kitchener.

Downtown Kitchener Community Health Centre
Promotes awareness and advocates for changes in the community to encourage a broader focus for health and reduce health care access barriers.

Health Statistics
Health and wellness data from Statistics Canada.

Mayo Clinic
A non-profit organization providing health information for patients and medical professionals.

Medline Plus
Up-to-date health information from the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Public Health Agency of Canada
Information for Canadians on travel health, vaccines, chronic and infectious diseases and more.

Region of Waterloo Public Health
A local source for healthy living and health information.

Autism Collection at KPL

To help people living with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), their families, friends, and educators, the library houses a unique collection of health information. The Autism Collection was made possible through the vision and generous financial donations of Waterloo Wellington Autism Services.

The collection includes resources for individuals and families who work and live with autism, researchers, and education and health care professionals. Both genders, and all age and ethnic groups are represented in the collection.

You may search the collection online, or visit Central Library to browse the collection, found on the upper floor.

Magnus Cards

Created by Magnusmode, Magnus Cards are step-by-step skill guides created for people with autism, their families, and educators. Magnusmode provides a proven method of instruction and elements of game design to help people with cognitive needs build valuable life skills, including how to use the library.

Download the Magnus Card app