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Teachers and Educators

Teachers, homeschooling parents, child care providers, and group organizers – KPL has a range of services and collections available to help you and your students. At this time, however, we will not be providing library tours or visiting locations until further notice.

Can we get library cards?

Yes. For teachers, please print the registration form. Make copies for your students and send them home. Include your name and school name at the top, so we know which school the cards are for. When you have collected the completed forms from parents, drop them off at your local library.

Students who have had cards in the past may not get new cards. Students who have lost their cards, but have no books checked out and owe no fines, will get a replacement card for free.

Visiting the Library

Library visits include stories and a tour, with general information about library services. We can include activities, research assistance, or book talks, depending on the needs of your group.

Book a visit to the library

Have the Library Visit You!

We are also able to visit you and your group, to give a presentation about the library and all it has to offer. To arrange for a visitor from the library to come to your school or event, please fill out the online request form.

Book a visitor from the library

For more information, please contact:

Lindsey Skeen
Manager, Children's and Teen Services
519-743-0271 x280


Science Literacy Week

Do your kids love science? Are you looking for resources that help you engage in science literacy and learning? The Children’s Team has put together a list of books to connect you with all kinds of science themed topics and ideas.

Christa Schneider
Colleen Hord
Bobby Merce
Steve Parker
Deborah Coldiron
Jay Hawkins
Rob Bowden
Marfé Ferguson Delano
Loren Bailey
David Ezra Stein
Seymour Simon
Kari A. Cornell
Elsie Olson
Sean Connolly
Cathleen Shamieh
Irene Kelly
Chris Earley
Caroline Bingham, Ben...
Bobby Mercer
Ishani Nandi
Martin Kratt
Ella Hawley
Anna Claybourne
Shaila Brown, Laura Sa...
Veronica Thompson
Rebecca Felix
Kate Messner
Diane Swanson
Paige V. Polinsky